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My Shamrock Bank

Configure Widgets

Configure:  ClickConfigure Icon to access a lightbox window that allows you to configure the widget. For example, clicking Configure in the "Recent Transactions" widget shows a list of accounts you can display within the widget.

Go:  Click Go icon to jump to the traditional screen relating to the data contained in the widget. For example, clicking Go in the "Recent Transactions" widget takes you to Transactions option.

Remove:  Click Remove Button to immediately remove the widget. You can always re-add the widget under the "Configure This Page" link.

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My Shamrock Bank
1. Review the items being displayed (left side of lightbox).
Note: When configuring the widget for the first time there may not be any items on the left side.
2. Review the items not currently displaying (right side of lightbox).
3. Add or remove items and change the order of display, if desired.
  Click the minus (-) on individual item to remove that item from the widget. You can also click “Remove all” to eliminate all items from the widget. The removed items will then be listed on the right side of the lightbox for later addition.
  Click the plus (+) on individual items to include it in the widget. You can also click “Add all” to include all items. The added items will then be listed on the left side of the lightbox.
  You can search the un-added items by keying in the item name. The search box is not case sensitive.
  You can click and drag the displaying items to change the order.

4. Click Save to retain changes made to the widget. The Configure lightbox will close and the widget will reload to reflect the changes.