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Enrolling in Mobile Banking Text

Quickly need to know your balance???? Text bal to 89549!

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Welcome to Shamrock Bank's Mobile Banking Text Walk Through!

Throughout these pages, you can learn about each screen in the column at left.

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Need help? Call: 580-927-2311
Enter mobile phone number, select accounts to access via text, and create Mobile Short Name* for each selected account. Click Submit

*Note: The mobile short name is the name that will be included in the text to request information for a specific account.

Mobile Text Settings
Enable Text access for your mobile device
Mobile Phone Number **Msg & Data rates may apply. Text STOP to 89549 to cancel. Text HELP to 89549 for more information. **
Select the accounts you want text access from your mobile device.
Account Name Mobile Short Name  
My Checking Text Commands

Bal = All Acct Bal
Bal Acct Name = Single Acct Bal
Hist = All Accts Recent Activity
Hist Acct Name = Single Acct Activity
Help = Commands
Stop = Cancel
His Checking
Vacation Account
Our Checking
Moms Checking
Car Loan