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Shamrock Bank Online - System Upgrade Information

Quicken 2008 - 2011 Setup (For PC)

We recommend printing this guide so you can follow along without changing between programs.

Prior to 3:00 pm May 31st, 2011

You will need to modify your Quicken settings to ensure the smooth transition of your banking data. To prevent data loss during the system transition, make sure you connect to Shamrock Bank via Quicken to download and accept all transactions at least once before 3:00 pm May 31st, 2011. Repeat this step for each account (such as checking and savings).

Back up your current data:

1. Open Quicken and choose the "File" menu, then select "Backup"
2. Specify which file to back up and where you want the backup saved, then click "Ok"

Download the latest Quicken update:

1. Click the "Update" icon on the Quicken toolbar.

2. Click "Update Now" in the One Step Update Settings dialog. Complete this step before 3:00 pm on May 31st, 2011.

3. Click on the "Downloaded Transactions" tab and accept all transactions in your register. You must complete this before you can continue.

IMPORTANT: If you miss a step, you may not be able to download these transactions after the system upgrade.

Deactivate your current Shamrock Bank Quicken Direct Connect:

1. Right click on the account under the Quicken Account list and select "Edit Account" from the pop-up menu.

2. Click the "Online Services" tab and click "Remove from One Step update".

3. Quicken will prompt you to confirm deactivation. Click "Yes", then "Ok"

IMPORTANT: Be sure to do this for each Shamrock Bank account in Quicken.

After 8:00 am June 4th, 2011

After 8:00 am, June 4th, you will be able to use Quicken to connect to our new Online Banking system.