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eStatement FAQs

* What are eStatements?
eStatements are the electronic delivery of your DDA/Savings account statements. You receive an email with an attachment to access your statement or you are able to just login to your online banking and retrieve the statement in that manner.

* Do eStatements contain the same information as my paper statements?
Yes, the eStatement will have the same information as your paper statement does.

* What are the benefits of eStatements?
The benefits of eStatements would be you have immediate access to it once it cuts. You can check it from your email or online banking account. No more snail mail with wasted paper.

* If a joint account holder registers for eStatements will the primary account holder continue to receive paper statements?
No, as soon as the account has been enrolled in eStatements all paper statements stop. However, you could set up the other account holder as an additional recipient and provide them with a username and password to access the statement.

* Can eStatements be printed and saved?
Yes, as soon as you enter your ID/Password in the login shell you can save the actual statement or choose to print it. Make sure to save the statement and not the login shell. The login shell will not work after 60 days.

* How many months of statements can I access?
You can access 2 months worth of statements.

* Are eStatements legally admissible?

* How do I register for eStatements?
Login to your online banking and click on the “E-Statements” tab. There is a 4 step enrollment process: 1.) All eligible accounts will be automatically enrolled or choose your accounts by clicking the details link. 2.) verify your email address or change it if needed. 3.) Enter a security phrase. This is used as an anti-phishing device. 4.) Agree to the terms and click Enroll now.

* Does it matter if I use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to access the Internet?
No, either will work fine.

* Do I need any special software to use the eStatement service?
You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or higher. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader®, go to

* How will I know when my registration has been completed?
Once you click “enroll now” you have completed the registration form. You should be taken to a screen that says something along the lines of “you currently don’t have any statements available to view for this account.”

* How will I know when I can view my statement?
You will receive an email notification telling you your statement is ready to view.

* What do I do if I'm having trouble viewing my statement?
Try logging into your online banking and viewing it that way. Contact customer support.

* What do I do if my e-mail address changes?
You can change your email address under the email settings subtab of the “E-Statements” tab.

* I got an error message while trying to view an eStatement. It says "There was an error processing a page. A font contains a bad CMap/Encoding".  What does this mean?
You need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.