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Shamrock Bank Online - System Upgrade Information

Shamrock Bank Online Upgrade Overview

The Online Banking upgrade features many new options that allow you to customize how your content is displayed and manage your accounts. You'll be able to add custom alerts, set personal reminders, schedule automatic transfers, and more.

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Logging in for the first time

Any time after 2:00 pm on June 1, you can log in with the User ID and Password you received my mail in May. Heavy first-time login traffic may slow response time. Please allow approximately 10 minutes for your initial login. Visit our home page to log in.

For detailed login instructions, click here.

Recognizing your accounts

Online Banking offers several options for customizing how you view and name your accounts. New: In this upgrade, you will now be able to see all of your accounts (primary and joint) in one place.

Account names are assigned a generic description. You can rename any of your accounts by going to the Account Options tab and selecting My Accounts in the green task bar.

To determine the primary owner of an account, go to the Online Banking tab, select Accounts in the blue task bar and then Account Info in the drop-down menu. If you are unable to identify an account, please contact Shamrock Bank for assistance.

Where is it?

Online Banking will offer many new features to explore. Here's a look at some of the most popular features:

My Shamrock Bank

(1) Online Banking tab - My Shamrock Bank

My Shamrock Bank is a current snapshot of your relationship with Shamrock Bank. It is fully customizable and allows quick access to all of your Shamrock Bank accounts.

Shamrock Bank Accounts

(2) Online Banking tab - Accounts

Drop-down menus found here list the activities available for each account.

  • Transactions – Display a summary of your activity.
  • Download – Download account information to other money management software such as Quicken.
  • Statements – Plain text statements created after May 1 will be available in this area.
  • Transfers – Transfer funds between your accounts. New: Now you can also create and schedule one-time and recurring automatic transfers.
  • Account Info – View basic information such as the name of the primary account owner, account opening date, date of last statement, loan payment amount, and loan payment due date.

(5) Bill Pay

Your Bill Pay history will be retained so there is no need to re-enter any biller information.


Shamrock Statements

(3) Statements & Notices tab

Your eStatement enrollment will transfer to the upgraded system. Before 6:00 pm May 31, print or save to your computer any eStatements you wish to keep as they will not be visible in the updated Shamrock Bank Online system. Copies of old statements and notices are always available by contacting Shamrock Bank. New: You now have more options and flexibility for choosing eStatements and eNotices.


Account Options

(4) Account Options tab

Update your email address, change your User ID and Password, and customize the content of your Shamrock Bank Online pages. New: Now you can create alerts that notify you of specific events such as when an account reaches a certain balance. Here you also have the ability to rearrange your accounts so those you access frequently are listed near the top.