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Shamrock Bank Online - System Upgrade Information

Online Banking - First Time Login

We recommend printing this guide so you can follow along without changing between programs.

Any time after 2:00 pm on June 1, you can log in with the User ID and Password you received in May. Heavy first-time login traffic may slow response time. Please allow approximately 10 minutes for your initial login.

1) Enter your new User ID

Enter your new User ID (12 digits) in the Shamrock Bank Online login page. You can change this later under the Account Options tab. When your login is accepted, a random security image will appear.

2) Enter your temporary Password

You will immediately choose a new Password. Here you also have the option to choose a new User ID.

3) Select a new security image

The security image you choose will be visible on every Online Banking page. You can change your image any time under the Account Options tab.

4) Choose three challenge questions

Choose three challenge questions to safeguard your account. A confirmation page will verify that your security features have been updated. Once set, you can only change these questions by contacting Think.

5) Enter an email address and choose a security question

If you forget your password in the future, this feature allows you to reset your password and regain access to Online Banking without contacting Think.