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Shamrock Bank Online - System Upgrade Information

Customizing Online Banking

Make Shamrock Bank Online easier to use by re-ordering, renaming and adjusting the number of accounts you see each time you log into Online Banking. To make updates, log into Online Banking and click on the "Account Options" tab and select "My Accounts".

To move the accounts you use most often to the top of the list, click and drag the account up or down to the desired location. You can also rename accounts to make them easier to identify.

Seeing too many accounts at one time? You can limit the number of accounts you see in each category by selecting "Account Options" and then "Display Options". Your choice will become the default option and display each time you log in.

On the main "Accounts" screen, the "Account Info" option in the drop down box can help you identify accounts. This shows the primary signer on the account as well as other information that can help you properly identify the account.